Thursday, October 14, 2010

When a happy person gets logical

He was full of life. Energy, enthusiasm. Projects endless. Never having time to anything. 

He would call, ask "bob there?" hearing the "no" he would hang up on the spot.
He told me "I made the calculation that i have no free time for saying bye"

But everyone loved him. Because he was energetic and full of happiness and love to everybody.

His wife was a logical person. And depressed. 
Her arguments were always logical, yet he was happy and successful. It was ironical, but i knew ia very deep and intuitive way, that he is right. Even if there was not always an easy way to explain. 

She always told him that he wants to eat the whole world at once. That he never finishes his projects. He would smile and continue running.

One day he told me "i have started to finish projects. Gonza (wife) had a point"

And i knew that he started dying.  

Friday, October 8, 2010

The action and it's (entirely distinct) psychological construct

Action is what yo do. You eat. You buy. You walk.
It's psychological construct is extremely variable. It is almost entirely independent of the action itself.

You can imbued endless meanings and feelings with an action.
The emotional, experiential, and cognitive involvement with an aciton can change so much!

The very pgisiological feelings that come with an action can be very diverse.

Walking can be a technical got to do. Can be carried out with zero involvement of the psyche. Or it can be an experience. Even the nothing your whole being has then. Even a terrific experience. 

The contruct has a life of its own, and the The distinctiveness of These aspects from the obvious and clear definition of the action are amazing.

Two people work. One enjoys every moment, the other suffers.
One sees the work as a very local experience. I move the chair. The other sees it in connection with his whole life, with his various dreams, goals. With full connectioand relation to his whole psyche.
One has his whole body and psyche involved. When he talks to you, you feel he lives every idea, every saying. The other has delegated the doing to some outer part of his personality

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Two reasons for crazy strategies.

People keep getting puzzled at unusual strategies, and sometimes with good reasons. Yet aside .. There are two reason people do NoT get

A. You need to understand the strategy and find it easy to implement, whereas most will not understand what you are talking about, and not have the emotional and cognitive tools to implement them

B. Sometimes you have some inner things that make it harder for o to u the usual normal ways. Thus, it is very rational to ua the tricks etc. The grandmotherly advice do it..... Is simony irrelevant. 

(other complaints include you have to civilize normalize yourself, ignoring the costs involved, both effort emotional and the dehumanizing effect of domestication. Also most believe in normalizing like in religion. Aside form being brainwashed it may be a result of them already being domesticated and enslaved. Sour grapes)

PS just realized i used crazy to name the strategies, implying i am also brainwashed in the propaganda. Alternatively, i perceive crazy as compliment.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Normalcy and other pop psychology concepts

Normalcy, emotional balance, relationships, etc. Have some usefulness. But that usefulness is ultimately limited and context delendent. Yet most people take these seriously in
an emotional way (like religion. It has advantages to believe in it, and for many it ismindeed better to believe in it and stupid to be "rational" and lose the utility of belief, like the sucker who maintains to remember in a movie that it is ketchup. With normalcy, too, it si good for many to tqke it naively and emotionally as important and crucial. Alas, usefulness does nit make for truth.

PS. Sour grapes cuts here both ways. Those lacking in the above prefermto think these are worthless. Those having, tend to over value them. A phenomenon call "sweet grapes" our tendency to think grapes are sweet just because we have them.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Where does applicability come from?

Everyone asks on sources of creativity.

What are the sources of application in reality?

Many ideas in science do not get applied. Many wonderful findings do not find their way to the actual reality. There is less glory in simply improvingbthe world. Or we are nor wired to get excited about that? No aesthetic?


Waiting for development and better understanding etc. Of sources of applicability