Monday, January 12, 2009

Run to stay in place. Red qeeun in life management

I am realizing that many spend most of their energy and attention just to stay in place. i.e. not to lose ground to whatever troubles and obstacles come to make our life worse.

It may explain why so many lives do not improve. How can one improve when he fights not to fall in trouble? (see, however, Enjoying life in the good and in the bad about that trying to enjoy life in times we do not like makes much sense)

Theoretically, one may want to invest less in fighting various small fights to have the resources and attention available to the most important issues in life. There are however, a bunch of caveats:
That "saving" effort does not make the person even weaker. Sleepingness of laziness (although I beleive we are so intoctrinated that working hard is useful, that we should beleive by default that laziness is good)
That we know the "more important things" and they are indeed more important. It is very common to have fallacious theories about what is important and what will make sus happier.
That we do not fall prey to other optimization problems. When acting powerfully, every mistake and miscalibrating is more harmful.

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