Monday, October 4, 2010

Normalcy and other pop psychology concepts

Normalcy, emotional balance, relationships, etc. Have some usefulness. But that usefulness is ultimately limited and context delendent. Yet most people take these seriously in
an emotional way (like religion. It has advantages to believe in it, and for many it ismindeed better to believe in it and stupid to be "rational" and lose the utility of belief, like the sucker who maintains to remember in a movie that it is ketchup. With normalcy, too, it si good for many to tqke it naively and emotionally as important and crucial. Alas, usefulness does nit make for truth.

PS. Sour grapes cuts here both ways. Those lacking in the above prefermto think these are worthless. Those having, tend to over value them. A phenomenon call "sweet grapes" our tendency to think grapes are sweet just because we have them.

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