Thursday, October 14, 2010

When a happy person gets logical

He was full of life. Energy, enthusiasm. Projects endless. Never having time to anything. 

He would call, ask "bob there?" hearing the "no" he would hang up on the spot.
He told me "I made the calculation that i have no free time for saying bye"

But everyone loved him. Because he was energetic and full of happiness and love to everybody.

His wife was a logical person. And depressed. 
Her arguments were always logical, yet he was happy and successful. It was ironical, but i knew ia very deep and intuitive way, that he is right. Even if there was not always an easy way to explain. 

She always told him that he wants to eat the whole world at once. That he never finishes his projects. He would smile and continue running.

One day he told me "i have started to finish projects. Gonza (wife) had a point"

And i knew that he started dying.