Monday, February 15, 2010

depends on: how you do it? how you saw it?

nothing is absolutely good/useful vs. not.

depends on how you do it other situtional parametes.

But the conet also affects learning. We see a smart move by a stupid person and we hate the idea.

So aesthetic context in acuiring knowledgeis suspicious. (it good many times, as our feelings many times convey generalizations as to where and what learn from).

But details of how you do things are crucial.

self control can be go or bad. (sometimes it denotes autism/rigidy/lifelessness + many times the cost of controlling oneself makes the whole xercie ueless and even negative). Love can be harmful. and so on.

A joke, a hug, and writing are not good or bad. Depends on how.


spldbch said...

I agree - most things are neither good nor bad in and of themselves, although I'm sure there are a few exceptions.

Anonymous said...

Hello, that's the thing I've been strugling with. I think and I'm sorry to bring it up again, that we are two persons in one(or as pysichologists say sistem 1 or 2 says the left and right brain emisphere can explain that) I want to do many things(desicions(study math,exercise,read biology)) but my will refuses to do that(My will wants beer,chat here and there, watch pornography,watch news and my question is why??? Do we have to follow our nature? Do we have to follow rules? am I an ignorant because I cannot see what's happen with us? Etc Etc.And I can tell you that my improving in English has been because I have to do it against my will, my improving in Math too, so that's the thing, I want to know more about this. Greetings from Mexico.

Yechezkel Zilber said...

1) much of the question of what we really want. and when parts of us want different things, a good strategy is to create a peaceful compromise nad understanding between our pieces. Using force works sometimes, but it is better to find ways and inner peace that makes the whole thing more harmonous.

2) The trick is to make it fun. Find ways to make the various studies etc. fun and an experience. Once it is more fun than effort the whole situation changes.

Anonymous said...

That would be right, and following these thoughts, could be that we have to risk some of ours joys in order to get what we want, and example can be like buying financial options it is painful but in the long term it is glorious, the same analogy we can see in desicion making, probably we have to refuse short term happiness in order to get the long term happiness(it is my hipothesis), and even the bible has told us that before (Ten commandments). Probably we don't like math or biology or philosophy but at the end we can get a long term happiness or the acomplishment is what it matters after all. Thank you.

Yechezkel Zilber said...

Pay attention. You get various kinds of experiences when you study etc. satisfaction. Being immersed in study has can be fun or at least give certain kinds of feelings.

It is better to enjoy these experiences. And above all, taking it all easy. Life is in a sense a game, let's enjoy the show and sit with the popcorn in a good position.

Taking is easy makes it all less of an effoirt, and helops enjoying the fun aspects of it.

(tell me if it feels right...)

Anonymous said...

Ohh I know what you are saying.. I finally get what you mean, and that is great, we are just train passengers, it would be better take everything as a journey, that's sounds great, after all we are living a little experience in this life... I'm thinking in the Geaorgian luge's tragedy and that's very sad, but that means at the same time that we are nothing but a piece of time. Thanks zilber, somethimes I think we are here forever (I think this is a human bias). Salud coronas.