Monday, January 31, 2011

Boredom and enjoying life

In hostel chillout room chatting leisurely with travelers.
I am preaching about enjoying life, and an objeciton comes up.

"you will get bored having fun too long"
Kids wait for school after too long a summer holiday, but ts shows they aree kids and do not know to arrange for life enjoyment.

The idea is to find ways to enjoy life without getting bored. 

Seeing work as the only solution for boredom is moronic.
It is clearly true that work can be a last resource escape from an aimless do nothing that brings suffering. 

There are so many ways to enojoy life without getting bored. Without resorting to a job or similar things. 

We all need people in our lives. If you have no friends, you can always "create" social connections etc. But this has a sad side to it. And if you know to enjoy human society it is so far superior to technically going for it like a moron.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Results based coaching?

A central problem with most health and personal management advice is the lack of incentive to give advice or to coach.

Drugs, surgeries etc. make money for the seller. Yet health advice is not making money to anyone (like telling people to stop smoking). Hence no incentive to anyone to help. In these issues.

A simple solution here would be to create a system where someone makes money of helping us getting healthier.

It can be as simple as a health club where the owner get paid according to the added muscle mass of customers rather than the yearly pre paid way.

The greater idea is to make the personal interests of the individual aligned with that of health providers and anyone willing to help. Once so, efficient market will take care to improve matters