Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Two reasons for crazy strategies.

People keep getting puzzled at unusual strategies, and sometimes with good reasons. Yet aside .. There are two reason people do NoT get

A. You need to understand the strategy and find it easy to implement, whereas most will not understand what you are talking about, and not have the emotional and cognitive tools to implement them

B. Sometimes you have some inner things that make it harder for o to u the usual normal ways. Thus, it is very rational to ua the tricks etc. The grandmotherly advice do it..... Is simony irrelevant. 

(other complaints include you have to civilize normalize yourself, ignoring the costs involved, both effort emotional and the dehumanizing effect of domestication. Also most believe in normalizing like in religion. Aside form being brainwashed it may be a result of them already being domesticated and enslaved. Sour grapes)

PS just realized i used crazy to name the strategies, implying i am also brainwashed in the propaganda. Alternatively, i perceive crazy as compliment.

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