Friday, February 15, 2008

Making progress on happiness: Practical ruminations

After thinking and reading so much about happiness, I still feel so stupid. Rather, utterly stupid.

Pretending scholar and intellectual I can. But that is useless. The respected idea is to have something useful. Practically useful oprogress is the *only* thing that count!

A. I need to first have some useful insights about how people can get happier.
B. Practically applicable ideas. "do meditation two hours a day" maybe a terrific idea. nobody going do it. Something that real people can realistically do and get their life better off.
C. "Sell" it. Making people aware of the ideas to the level that they will use them. Reach "clients". Convince them about it. And they have to use it in reality. Not just buy a book and tell everybody how smart it is......

This whole list feels almost unpenetrable..... but because it feels hard does not mean one has to look after low level cleaning jobs.

ps. do not take me saintly. I love status, and I run after it... I also run after girls in the street. I just do not find these activities extremely important.