Friday, October 8, 2010

The action and it's (entirely distinct) psychological construct

Action is what yo do. You eat. You buy. You walk.
It's psychological construct is extremely variable. It is almost entirely independent of the action itself.

You can imbued endless meanings and feelings with an action.
The emotional, experiential, and cognitive involvement with an aciton can change so much!

The very pgisiological feelings that come with an action can be very diverse.

Walking can be a technical got to do. Can be carried out with zero involvement of the psyche. Or it can be an experience. Even the nothing your whole being has then. Even a terrific experience. 

The contruct has a life of its own, and the The distinctiveness of These aspects from the obvious and clear definition of the action are amazing.

Two people work. One enjoys every moment, the other suffers.
One sees the work as a very local experience. I move the chair. The other sees it in connection with his whole life, with his various dreams, goals. With full connectioand relation to his whole psyche.
One has his whole body and psyche involved. When he talks to you, you feel he lives every idea, every saying. The other has delegated the doing to some outer part of his personality

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