Sunday, May 15, 2011

"it has value"

Almost everything has some value.

We cannot pay attention or pursue everything that has value.
So usually people Assume that anything that is not very important is irelevant, worth nothing. Which is stuoid and untrue. Albit maybe practically useful delusion.

Being realistic enough to accept the value of the miryad tngs we do not pursue, yet not getting upset or drawn to ursue them, requires a strong presence of mind. Or simply ebing smart enough. (to have the deeo understanding )

"it has value" has a deeper notion, a cold one. The idea that when something has value it does not mean we run on all four to get it. We can calmly ignore it, or treat it as something with some vaoue but no more.

I hope the idea went throught.


spldbch said...

I agree -- all things have some innate value. In addition, different things have different value to different people. Hence the adage, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

Petar said...

/May be/ neglecting of small things causes hidden/but although energy expensive/ attempts to self-justify that not treating them,and thus by stealth exhausting you.

Accepting and awaring that: "Thеsе small things/thoughts,tasks,people,remembracies/are good ,but I have no time,energy to do them/now/" is a way to "close the chapter"/Zeigarnik effect?/.
Moreover the very process of accepting "I see the little things,understand them but can't do them" could be a source of plesure.