Monday, March 7, 2011

causation vs. inherent value

It is curious and tempting to think about why we came to think about something.

yet this is very dangerous as it mixes the idea itself with the less relevant source thereof.

It is many times emotional conflicts, mistakes and obsessions that lead us to think on very right ideas.

The same in emotional and behavior directions.
Observations, and decisions may originate in strange approaches. Cynicism, emotional blindness and other troubles of the soul lead us to observe and decide.
Yet the meaning of decisions is only about its inherent value. And an observation sourced in malice, can be highly valueable.

It is true that many sophisticate sounding life strategies are not coming for normal peaceful people. These folks usually are more natural in their ways of managing life, and maybe this is better.
yet once an idea occurs to us, we are very naturally observing this extant idea, and not its source. We follow it, even if some others are lucky enough never to think too much.

Another point in this direction is that while it maybe not normal to think on X, it is even more weired to avoid thinking on it once it appeared in our mind.
Maybe it is better to be naive and trusting, but once you are more aware of possible cheating, you are doubly stupid to avoid this knowledge. (Smarter still, seek situations where you are less subject to these....)

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