Sunday, May 15, 2011

It is not laziness. It is stopping the dynamicss

Finding my cellphone not charged is annoying. The additional pain is the self insult.
How could i be so lazi/stupid as to not charge it. It is such a small effort.

Not. Besides the ,doing effort, it has another sometimes very high cost.

What is the cost of using a condom?
Killing a dynamic. You are in the flow of of love making, and 1) stoping it all. 2) introducing mentally emotionally etc. An extremely mundane and unappealing action etc.
It has a highly debilitating effect. But much has to do with killing a dynamic. You practically lose much of the energy that was built in the air, in the bodies and in the mind states of the parties involved (no matter how many)

Teeth brushing can be relaxing for many, but for me, it sometimes takes me out f sleepiness and into action mode. So that sometimes it implies for me (i guess i am an exception) losing the dynamic of moving into sleep.

When you are already on the go whereever, and the cell phone charging comes to mind, going for the charger may mean cutting the flow of anything else. And this cost is not always trivial

PS. Have you noticed how many people are stuck with an empty battery phone. I used to think they a morons, why not get the habit to charge nightly. (i am right). But now i understand it better. (yet building this habit of nightly charging is highly worth it)


Anonymous said...

But is not the charger what matters. it is the habit to carry always the charger with one, day and night, in the camp, in the work in the party etc etc, it is not enought to have a battery charged, what matters is to have the charger always with you, this is like an antiblackswan idea.

Yechezkel Zilber said...

Yes yes. Assuming there is low cost of this (low cost is the key of every trick)

Petar said...

This is big insight!
It explains much of my irrational actions/hours not go to the toilet staying in internet;postpoint buying shoes,clothes;not doing many obviously important tngs and so on/.
Dynamics apparantly is something very crucial to "manage" and outsmart yourself,and to understand others actions,wich even they don't aware.

How to "take adventage"of this insight:
1.Use my current/hourly,dayly,monthly/ dynamics to include in,mesh and do the best/whatever desire/ things
2.Using others dynamic/when speak,how speak or comunicate/ to convince them in signifficanse of my ideas,offers and so on.
3.The very understanding of reasons for your stupid actions/i.e.dynamics/ is big benefit to understand and change it/as the very knowledge that smoking is danger help to millions people to give up,although billions keep smoking/

i.c. said...

yeah, flow is important.
and what kills the flow can be quite different (like "no condom" would kill my flow).
but the major "choice" is choosing to let it flow (it's a choice, this is true, but it is easier to say "choose the flow" than to do it)