Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We are not wired for overal utility/rational management of life

We are not wired for overal utility/rational management of life

A rational men, calculates every move (& and smile) with his sum total of utility in mind. If you forget calculation costs, this is sensible. You have a total of love, money, health, rest, exerience etc. And every move and decisoin goes for the maximization of this sum total.

Problem is, nature has not wired us to act this way. We have specified emltional systems, drives etc. 
Feeling hunger is the activation of a complex army of sensations motivations and thoghts that are solely geared towards eating. Same for sexual lust, wisdom search (assuming there is a natural tendency for searching wisdom.....) etc.

Besides that we are not wired for rational.... 

Acting and thinking in the rational summation way, kills (or weakens) the natural systems and dynamics. If when you are horney (and in bed with someone) you tell yourself "it is healthy to fuck", not only is this ludicrous, it literaly kills the natural system that says (cries) *sex*

That is why utilitarians are stupid
When you judge everything in terms of its overal utility, you lose appreciating the peculiarities, the specific, the beautiful and the experiental aspects of life.
Not only is it a lose of experience, but a lose of understanding. Life is in the specific, in the non summarized


Anonymous said...

I'am facing currently this problem, I like a young woman who also she likes me, but the problem she is not the person I was planning to have because my previous calculations, but guess what? I don't know what happened but now I want to be with her all the time, seems like we don't know what really we want, but when time comes it is the wiser chooser, not us but time. Iknow nobody is perfect neither I nor her but calculations are way in the back of the story, to have a plan is good but something may happen that the plan may become worthless and expensive.

i.c. said...

nice to read such a thing from you...