Thursday, December 30, 2010

The value of rhythms, and their possible uses

Sometimes you read and it stalls, sometimes it simply runs. Sometimes you ride the bike with the power of will, and sometimes it just flows.

That is a rythm. A flowing dynamic (rather than a toucheable quantity).
These dynamics are of very high value. Because the ease of doing, and the quality of things with a good dynamic are huge, and usually underrated.

A modern way of life, with order, plans, rationality etc. Treats dynamics as if they do not exist. The hour is gone, meeting over, who cares if the discussion is great? Hour not over? Continue a stall talk dynamic not counted.

The greater value of dynamic is in using them for our enjoyment or health.
If you find yourself enjoying ridinng the bike, it makes sense to continue riding even if you got to your destination (you win enjoyable exercise -double blessing). If the flow of cleaning one room got hold on you, it can be the perfect time to finish the house in an surprisingly enjoyable way.

It is good for this to take most of these decisions lightly - life is a game. But the game of moving with the flow is very rewarding.

PS. The understanding of rhythms and their meaning is way more global and relevant to understand life. Rhythm blindness - a most common malady - is al blindness. And there is so much more to that! Think and observe and you may understand the enormous power of rhythms


Anonymous said...

But we have to separate those rithms, and example: What happen with those heroin addicts? What happen with those food addicts? What about regulations? I know what you mean, To get in flow it is nice, but don't we have to use morality in these matters? Greetings from Mexico and happy new year.

spldbch said...

It's kind of like the concept of "flow" or being "in the zone." If you've got the momentum to continue doing something good then go with it!!!

Anonymous said...

So, with flow we get happiness and with flow we get in trouble, history teach us when we are in trouble and when we are safe, I'm talking knowing history and the history of history.Your child may get in flow eating lots of sugar in the next 30 min, and he may seems happy in the short term but after 2 hours you find yourself crying in a hospital because your child is in coma; so what matters is the empirical record of history to see when we have to use morality. It is hightly moral to know history in order to be happy.Again rhythms may be dangerous in some matters.