Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The realistic good in any bad (practical positivity, not deusion)

The positive aspects of trouble. It is not a delusion, rather realism. Even dying has the advantage of less pain and suffering. Maybe it is worthwhile to live, but do not forget to credit your killer with the fact that he saved you many worries etc.   

It is important, because finding these aspects is very useful in order to take advantage of life. You lose your job, you clearly hate it (the firing, or the job?) But you got lots of free time. You can use it, enjoy it, and so on. It is foolish to say "it was good to lose my job" because overall it was bad (although do not know for sure). But seeing the advantages is simply having open eyes and seeing the whole picture.

It has very practical implication, because seeing these aspects arms you with the relevant view for now to take full advantage of your situation. Hence being happy of the whatever opportunities a disaster opened for you is pretty much wise. Not wishful thinking or positive thinking, just plain opportunism, which is the good trait of using whatever material comes to you, rather than being closeminded and being alive only when circumatances allow.....
P.s If someone tells you you need a "proper emotional response" he is a sucker, and stupid. Wise people do not Have time to whine when there are golden opportunities ahead to fully swallow. Clearly, normal people do not fool around to search for the "proper emotional response". It is entirely human etc. To be sad dejected whatever, yet seeing this as exoected or useful is suckery)

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