Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Taking ideas to their maximum potential

Nassim taleb says that the only thing special about him was that he is taking his ideas to their maximum width and potential.

This strong strategy requires some wisdom. And personal fortitude.

1) you Care about nothing. If you allow limits to stand your way, you will just not max the potential. There is no eat the cake and have it too in maximizing ideas to thier limit. 
The reason people do not go the whole way with their ideas is because they are afraid, and because they are locked in many assumptions and limits.

2) care about everything. 
Avoiding any other considerations is stupidity. The point is to go Bouldlessly, while wisely knowing the value of all other parameters and limits.  (avoiding ruke 1 is being passive and locked. Avoiding rule 2 is being careless and an actor blind to anything out of his focus)

PS. Do not abuse. Once you have a great trick in your hand, it is tempting to use it when it is not good. Example. You use coffee to Improve ocncentration and happiness, which is good. Now it tempts you to sleep less because you have a trick to stay awake. At some point you lose. Same for using money to solve problems, etc.

Be smart. 

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