Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thentruth delusion

Every piece of knowledge you get has consequences, which are either positive or negative, depending on a complex chain of psychological experiential details. 
Thus, the utilitarian measure of knowing is distinct from whether it is true. 
And ultimately we are utilitarians, so we care more about consequences than about truth (or we should).
Looking at truth as the measure is pure nonsense, therefore.

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Anonymous said...

What you mean, sometimes we seem irrationals but because the short term views of other people, and what you spect in long term is what matters and not what other think for now. This is a confrontation living with many people or working with many people around; for people sometimes do not agree in order to get the long term goal,and usually the best for everybody. But people in general are irrationals because they like the short term impresions and they thing those things are optimal and think those are the truth until a sudden event happens and again start the cicle........LGB from Mexico.