Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Theories and perceptions. Why false can be true

The words and systems we use to arrange our mind and analyze things can be wrong. Our conclusions can still be right.

Because much information can be arranged under headlines that are not exact and still be useful.

Religious people term much of their knowledge in religion related terms. "do so and so and god will help". A naive observer will think that the advice depends on beleif in god, but in reality it maybe entirely independent. He thinks this is the right thing to do, and thinks there is good chance for success. God here may mean luck.

Generally, knowledge can be stored, arranged and presented in many ways. Knowledge can be real and useful, even if its format seems fictitious and unreal.

Learn to distinguish essense from form and content form the way it is presented with.


Anonymous said...

yes, i hate that many people go to church just to find good luck, they are misinterpreting god and god advice, i have been telling people that if you know or know interpret bible you do not need go to church anymore, because god only warns us to be prepared.

malenkiy_scot said...

All religious systems contain a lot of advice that can be viewed as "worldly wisdom". Did you read Freud - "The Future of an Illusion" and "Civilization and Its Discontents"?

Yechezkel Zilber said...

Haven't read these.

Thanks for the comments, anyway.