Friday, September 18, 2009

small mistakes versus continouos pieces of a big thing

We should care about the big things and probably got to allow for mistakes in the small.

Certain small mistakes, however, must be avoided. One can nimble endlessly, and consider each bit a "small" mistake.

An interesting point is why not consider every small mistake as part of the accumulation of things in life. Certainly, it is good to do the right thing every time. But it must be assigned the right weight. There is more to it, but no mood to think now.

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Anonymous said...

Mistakes are wonderful, they keep us alive today in certain way, thanks to mistakes we are evolving for better, you go to lose if you want to succes, we have to recognize those who lost the battle between the wars (AN example are the jews on germany 1943), the mistakes Edison did, mistakes of old medicine practice,the people who have died mistakenly or not for us etc.