Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If it's good take it

our culture of optimizaiton tells us to make things better and better.
Fear of mistakes leads to the search for the best possible way to do things.

Rationally, looking for the best is a huge hinderance in realistic doing. It is like weights on one's hands when doing or planning.

The rule is simple. A good deal should be taken.

The main question is whether one acts out of the willingness to get his wants, or out of fear of making a mistake or losing some bette (imagined) option.

Acting out of fear, is irrational and suboptimal, too.

The enemy of the good is the best. Hesitation for fear of maybe there is a better way, is a losing strategy in my mind and experience.


Anonymous said...

Ok, when i was working with my brother as a ceramic tile installer or flooring installer he was very picky with me, he used to tell me that if i would have a mistake he would be very mad with me, and not only that he told me that he is going to charge me the mistake, i was very mad with him and i refuse to take the job, i quit that day and i never will work with him, it is not the professions that are difficults, difficults are the manager or bosses that they believe themselves that they are smarter people than helpers and they do not allow to make mistakes even knowing that mistakes are pearls to contribute on knowldege.The best thing to achieve a goal or skill job would be doing mistakes, yhe more i make the more i evolve in knowledege and skills, that is my thinking, i am wrong?

Yechezkel Zilber said...

You're right.

Mistakes are a precious way to learn.

Instructing, is a delicate activity. The ability to let the pupil learn and try as much on his own + give advice and correct mistakes in a productive way.