Monday, April 19, 2010

Crooked filtering. enjoy everything. do not take pain in anything

The most stupid attitude I ever saw is not enjoying something because of "a reason"

Fun is almost always good. And thinking before enjoying something is absurd nonsense. (whether it is enjoying low quality music not so delicate jokes like the ones I am distributing, etc.).

Lookingn for better stuff, is another thing altogether. Yet denying pleasure is never a good idea.

The lack of filtering also related to the way we enjoy. SOmetimes we enjoy stuff in kinds of feeling we are not used to, or that are somehow categorized in mind and not great or not appropriate. Yet, I can never see these as reason to avoid experiencing fun.

The idea of filtering is to accept anything that feels good without any standard or gateway.

Opposite for negative feelings. I prefer never to feel bad. Therefore, if not feeling bad following a lose or a mistake, do not question it. Do not mend it!!

Richard Feynman, after his beloved died came to work and said "Arlene died, what's up with the project?"
If you have the slightest thought when hearing this story, check what is wrong with you.

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