Monday, April 6, 2009

Laziness can be optimal

If one has the motivation to act only on very good deals.

The optimality stems from not spending energy/time on average stuff.

It assumes very uneven distribution of deals. That one is not lazy when a good deal comes by.

(It also depends on whether resting gives energy or takes. Whether one explores actively or not. and other considerations)


Anonymous said...

You have give us a Recall of how science superstars have achieved popularity. That always has come from laziness or a big amount free of thinking with out authority.

Yechezkel Zilber said...

good and bad of procrastination

Great essay.

But I hate the approach said there.
concentrate on the "important" things in life.
What is important?
"what will be in your eulogy"

But this is unaccepted as a criterion for life.
It is only if your goal in life is your story. Life is about moments in my view. Storeis are trash.

I must admit that I spend some tiem and psychological energy on my dreams whihc relate somehow to story stuff. I am human, after all.