Friday, April 17, 2009

Effort problem of realism, and the skeptic's solution

Thinking logically is effortful[1].

Reality does not care. Parts of life which you cannot easily understand will not go away. One may tend to automatically ..............

But a few tenets of skepticism can be remembered.
That much of the world - especially underlying processes - is unknown.
That every time we look at things we look via certain glasses. We see only via this thinking glass. There are other facets/
That what seems certain and simple can be as misleading as anything.

Just getting used to remember these basics may help a person to be more realistic even at times without energy. Remembering basics is easier than analyzing.

Let's hope I am right.

PS. It seems we cannot learn. But we can. All of us know effortlessly many unnatural learned facts and heuristics. Skepticism must not be different.

[1] It has been technically proven by Baumeister and colleagues. When people are "depleted" that is after making some effort ful self control, they can no longer think on deep logical questions.

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