Saturday, April 11, 2009

Collecting utility

Life can be seen through big plans. When we progress our big plans, so good. When not, when there is no mood/opportunity, we are bound to do nothing. Maybe even feel sad for it.

Another approach is seeing life as lots of atomic actions, opportunities and experiences. We can many time find small things to improve our life/plans. We can many times find small ways to enjoy the moment. and so on.

I have a list of things whose doing is good for me. I am not even thinking about them. But in the corner of the mind I know that whne bored unoccupied I can always get some progress on these things.

Small exercises when staying in line in an example.
An opportunity to do something useful.

Not for the obsessed. I am not in the work ethic etc. I am about seeing available opportunities. (the disclaimer does not necessarily help. But this is life. I am writing something, discovering there are other sides to it, and writing the qualification not to appear dumb. As for truth usefulness etc. - who cares?)

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