Sunday, February 26, 2012

The triad. Order, noise, acceptable disorder

Jobs are notoriousely not fun. Yet, one can be happier at the job than when watching TV. 

Freedom is good. Yet, having no limits can cause constant amble with an empty look. 

Thus, we have three ways. Order, which can be unpleasant. Yet, it still usually better than utter noise. But some form of lack of "order" is superior to the neurotic order. I cannot put it to words or a definition. But it is this lack of order that is not depressive disorder. Some form of freedom that has a taste to it. Something that is definitely worth living.

The resulting confusion

This brings a lot of confusion and opinion discontent.
Because many compare a specific order to complete noise. And show that the proposed order is superior. While true, it is usually disconcerning. Because the proposed order is inferior to the better kind of mild disorder, that kind that is not noise, but not neurotically ordered.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thew gift of not feeling secure

It is bad luck. But very useful

I once had a girlfriend who was very nice. When i was not showering
for a few days, she said i smell still wonderful. After showering she
said my hair is not that curly, discouraging me even further.

Whenever I feel secure, I - naturally enough - give no shit on social
norms. Thus making me sometimes socially bad.

I am very easy to be fooled. My natural tendency is to believe
everything I read, to imitate everyone around.

Thus, it is only my sinister suspicion against the world that keeps me
sane, and by some accounts, even a little bit smart.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The autistic problem of self help

It is the fantasy that people can be told how to live.
That people cn live out of an instructions book.

There is something autistic about it.

I call it "the great divide"

There are some things that really really can improve life.
But they are divorced from the natural/normal way people live.

An opposite example is Steve Jobs work.
Computers were an autistic thing. Useful but ugly.

Steve jobs, womehow managed to marry the useful with the human, aestehtic, natural, intuitive.

Until someone manages to marry the useful,scientific with the natural human way of going aobut life, nothing is useful.  It is theoretical scientific autistic advice that nobody utilizes.

Bridging this divide is the real challenge

Sunday, February 5, 2012

How measuring clouds the effect of multiple hidden parameters

Many things are affected by multiple parameters. (heart rate affected by mineral balance, mood, room temperature, sitting of lying down etc.)

At any given time most of the effects are hidden. But many of them act simultaneously,

Many more effects are potentials. These do not act commonly, but have the potential to affect strongly, (heart drugs etc.)

Scientific investigation will prefer the measurable parameters. And also the easily manipulable ones. Thus, a drug will take precedence is research over a frown (which clearly affect the heart rate). Any clear parameter will take precedence on the subtle ones (combinations, harder to measure, or those parameter that are not easily taken to the extreme, hence do not show strong effects in laboratory manipulations)

These biases will over time make a part of the effects scientifically known, while all other effects will not be seen. And the clouding of knowledge will be considered "scientific".
Instead of full appreciation of the variety of parameters that make things happen, we will have a focus on those measurable. Those manipulable in the lab etc.

when many things affect a single outcome the bias is much stronger.
To the exclusion of all other effects, the effects that enter easier into a scientific experiment get all visibility, and the illusion builds that these are central.

In fact, there are many causes. Many of whom are subtle and not easy to see and measure.

Also, many effects are usually minor. But become large when artificially enlarged. See my piece extreme and special cases and causes

To sum up. We have complex phenomenons that are affected by multiple small and big, clear and subtle effects. Scientific enquiries will concentrate to those that are: easy to measure and Easy to take to the extreme. Creating the illusion that those are the central causes to the exclusion of all else and of complexity.

See also the academic bias. This article is a special case of the academic bias