Sunday, February 26, 2012

The triad. Order, noise, acceptable disorder

Jobs are notoriousely not fun. Yet, one can be happier at the job than when watching TV. 

Freedom is good. Yet, having no limits can cause constant amble with an empty look. 

Thus, we have three ways. Order, which can be unpleasant. Yet, it still usually better than utter noise. But some form of lack of "order" is superior to the neurotic order. I cannot put it to words or a definition. But it is this lack of order that is not depressive disorder. Some form of freedom that has a taste to it. Something that is definitely worth living.

The resulting confusion

This brings a lot of confusion and opinion discontent.
Because many compare a specific order to complete noise. And show that the proposed order is superior. While true, it is usually disconcerning. Because the proposed order is inferior to the better kind of mild disorder, that kind that is not noise, but not neurotically ordered.


Anonymous said...

People like surprises not a predefined life. Small loses are an acceptable trade-off for a more exiting life.

Luciano Napoli

Anonymous said...

Writing and living against resistance in your bursts with a period of recovery. Just magical