Monday, March 12, 2012

Annoying empathy

You have barely managed to forget your problem and get relaxed and your dear friend asks (with an extremely empathetic tone) "so, how do you feel about this divorce courts?" f**k you! I am feeling very bad about it, and i am happy only when i do not think about it, now hang up.

Other friends have nothing to talk about, so capitalize on the troubles (newspapers are like that)

Others, give you such a deoressive feeling when they "empasize"
"i like you so much", (you repeated loser)
Or radiate that they are the saints that empathize you, albeit you are clearly mental. But that is what they are saints for.

Making you emotional about your pains is another curse.
Many times we are better off not feeling the pain.
but talking hotly about our troubles, can make the pain more emotionally felt, which is sometimes troubling.

Some people are obviously recording their support. And you know that sometime you will be asked to pay back. You feel that a negative balance has been drafted for the sainty empathy. Give me a break.

Others depress you by making sure you know what you should have done differently. So not only you suffer, you also get the feeling that it was all your fault.

Whereas others tell you to learn to be stupid. "you could have not acted differently". beg pardon, i was stupid, and i hope not to be stupid next time. Do you think getting stupid will console me? 

There is geniune empathy.
I express my geniune empathy for your full reading of the above diatribe


Judy Krings said...

Love your truth, Jazi. Keep telling it like it is!

gs said...

I'm in a very distortive situation right now, and your words are the way i feel, to the point.
but what could i possibly do about it? maybe we should talk, and maybe you'll give me advice on how to deal with my problems. Thanks.

Jazi Zilber said...

gs, what is your email?

gs said...