Friday, June 3, 2011

The one dimensionality problem

Sometimes, we discover a dimension of our existence that is central. For example, we discover that lack of sleep is what makes us feeling bad, and that changing this single parameter (napping, or more sleep) will produce a big change in our lives.

The side effect is that we tend to forget that there are other dimensions. And there will always be other relevant aspects. 
Once you put all your energy in one thing, you tend to later forget the multi dimensionality of life.

This is especially crucial for artificial solutions that avoid the source of the problem.
Consider asid/base balance. It is shown that modern diets are biased towards over acidity, thereby causing a constant state of overacidity illness (weak form of the disease acidosis).
There is an easy solution to ts problem. Take potassium bicarbonate supplements. This is the base mminerals that will balance it back. And there are hints in the resach that this works.

Doing this is super. Do it. Yet the central problem of nutritional imbalance is not solved. There are clearly other aspects of health affected with unhealthy food.

Clearly do it. Clearly do not think about "there is something better" because this is a non doing saying for losers. You improve and do not care about perfectionism. Yet still, there are other aspects untreated.

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