Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bulshit, vs. Strange models and ...

The idea "i do not want to be like my parents" sounds delusional. Logically, what you want is a good life for ,your, life, and your life is so different.
Moreover, there is so much emotional involvement in the. Parental comparison that it is hard to thik straight when this comes to mind.

Yet, this can be a useful heuristic. The model you see is a mind model, which is as stupid and as partly useful as a ny model and frame of thinking.

In a way, many of our thoughts that we consider delusional have some meaning. Many seemingly irelevant ideas and memories that "perturb" thinking bear at times some knd of relevant ideas and attitudes to the question at hand.

P.s. This is a subtle justification to stupid thoughts. Most of the time, stupid is stupid

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Anonymous said...

You are right zilber, Till now I realized that I did not want to be like my father, he was an accountant, and my mother was a bank teller,tought they want me go to University I refused; but my heuristic was I didn't wany to be another employee, I didn't want to live like them like slaves, either I wanted to be very rich or I wanted to be more free than them.