Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Never allow miserable mentality

Pain and trouble is common to humans,

Yet the full blown miserability personality is problematic on many sides.

It means in a sense giving up on life.

It means exploitation of others.
It means reduce of self

It means bad relationships with others, as good relationships are those where each side is contributing. Being "useful for nothing" is a poor thing for productive relationships

This is the rational approach for life, i always tried to adopt. But i cannot judge poor and miserable people. My advice however, is never allow yourself take this role, it brings bad outcomes.

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Anonymous said...

Zilber, what do you know of Morality? I'm 33 if I would follow my Mother's advice my life would be a lot better. But I find we have to choices in this life,one is the follow the advice and the other is hit the punishmment in order to learn....From Mexico.