Sunday, July 25, 2010

We should play kids' games (when it is fun)

Geneva. Went today to the park, there is a swing that kids play. I went on it and had great fun.

I am wondering why do not people play these games once they grow up? does it stop being fun?
I suspect there is a stupid vanity in this is no longer to my level. As if a positive feeling by itself is not enouge a reason to play it.

If so it is indeed stupid, and the wise person will play it to old age (insofar that he enjoys it).

Another intrigiung possibility is physiological. This game is indeed shaking the body. For some people this shakeout is not fun once they grow up. The question is whether it is natural, or it is a certain kind of sickness, that we better grow up of. Play these games until your body is no onger so old.

there are probably more reasons that I do not know, and let me mess you up with more ideas. But I still hold that insofar that it is fun, we should do it and get rid of all the possible bulshit against having fun!

There is the idea of meainng. We want to have meaning in things we do. We want things to fit in what we think we are etc.

There is an identity thing. Works two directions. We do not feel inclined towards activities which do not onform to our identity, and we are afraid that playing kids games will put on us the unforgivable identity of kids (double stupidity. 1) losing fun for self image. 2) the imagination that playing reduces the qualities of grown ups we have. 3) The fantasy that the respected self definition is that of the serious and worked up abult.

With a ... hope of not sounding too grown up


i.c. said...

I agree almost completely (the small disagreement is that "fun" is a side-effect): we can learn a lot from children and should use it.

Listen to them singing, watch them dancing, imagining worlds, continuously learning small + big things...

and then do it, too

Mike said...
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Mike said...

I am agree with you. Games plays an important role in developing children intellectual & mental lever. We have to be very careful while choosing games.
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