Tuesday, February 23, 2010

calibration and fine tuning are useless

Knowledge comes in two levels. The idea level, what we know more or less and uisually get the gist of it in the first look, and then comes the exact. I got convinced in this idea, but how sure am I aobut it? 80%, 90%? then you may even ask 84%? 82%.
This is calibration. The futile try to be exact in what one knows, and sometimes to define the borders clearly.

It is futile for several reasons, but most of all because its results are increased stupidity. One usually gets delusions and made up stories rather than information.

Degree of reliability goes down as one goes into smalle measures. One can know whetehr something is probably true or false. But knowing whether it is 70% reliable or 80% reliable is next to impossible.

Value of information goes down as one goes into the smaller. The ultimate meaing of a 10% difference is much lower than that of true false issue.

there is so much to think about or experience that there is no reason to waste precious attention and energy in useless fine-uning. Unless one enjoys it, maybe.

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spldbch said...

Plus, we get stuck in that, "I'm right, you're wrong" mentality or we develop extremely rigid beliefs that are not amenable to new information.