Friday, July 3, 2009

fixating most parameters vs. playing the whole system

There are two basic ways to play one's life.

1) Accepting almost all current conditions, no matter how much we like or dislike them, and then optimizing life accordingly. If we have a tendency to get annoyed easily, we will accept it and manage our life as to avoid getting annoyed.

This can be very effective way to make life better. It sounds depressing, but it is very rational and efficient.
As sad as it is to accept the realities of life, we may do much better that way.

2) Playing the assumptions.
Sometimes, basic assumptions about life are central in making life worse. It is wise in that case to change the basics.
This is tough. Starting to play life anew is risky and dealing with unknown things. (avoiding the unknown, is not just ambiguity aversion, we may not handle them as good as the known).

Actually, there are very many things in life that can theoretically be changed. We usually do not even start thinking about them. There are so many hidden assumptions in our lives. So many glasses and filters with which we filter and look at life.

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