Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The fictitious world of the mind that always knows

"Yechezkel, you are living in a dream. Your opinions are in big part fallacious. The reliability of your 'scholarly' judgements are way inferior than what you feel"

Silence. Nobody listens. Nobody even reacts. Nobody home?

"This is serious stuff, Yechezkel. How come will all your pomposity, you cannot even take seriously this problem?"

No reaction.

I start getting alarmed. Am I so close to reality? Why I feel that these basic facts of life cannot reach my inner mind?

Euroka! I guess I got it.

For the mind, its beliefs are true by definition. This is what there is for it.
The map is the territory for the the Atlas book. This is the only thing he knows.

Saying "I do not know" is self-contradictory to the mind, whihc lives in the world of its own thoughts.

Let us remember this.

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