Saturday, June 23, 2007

trouble gets superimposed on us. Why? Any escape?

I was running to the airport dragging my bags, somewhatg suffering along the way, but totally consumed in this bad feeling of the bags the hurry and the train.

I was amazed. How come that all of me has only one thing in my being at this moment. Is this baggage dragging (with ailing bag wheels, for sure) all there is in my world?
I tried to make a little thinking into other things, totally unsuccessfully.

1) why is it so consuming? (some fight-flight comes to mind. Or that body is what counts cf. Damasio. Only reflective reactions here.)
2) Can we do something about it? Idea etc.? Below I tell what I did, but what counts is whether there are essential ways to feel better in such situations.

I tried to do meditationm along the way (it helped a little), and technical triocks like escaping the queue while others save my place and going for a walk.)

Very essential point, since muhc of our lives is dominated by such stuff and other things that fall broadly under a similar point.

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Yechezkel Zilber said...

maybe our psych atkes stablity and our land etc. very seriousely whic may explain why flying between continents has some effect