Monday, August 8, 2016

rating online comments. And cross sites

Comments online is a hugely missed opportunity.

Many times adding a comment can elucidate a point, or add a different view.

but... lots of junk.

Two features can fix this. and on the way add lots of value for all.

1) rate commentators.
I want to know that commentator X is a PhD in physics, or is generally smart etc.

2) sort the comments by value

ReddIt does comment rating and sorting. But it is only by direct voting.

I want global rating. Very similar to the way Google rates sites. A recursive function will also take into account the rating of the raters etc.

The added value is enormous:

A, comments being useful to read. rather than a huge pile of chunk. The top rated comments will usually be more useful.

B. Dynamically this will lead to both more comments and more comment engagements.

C. Of course this will also reward high value commentators to comment more.

Lets hope someone picks this one up. 


Warren Dubery said...

Have you tried the Steemit platform? It has some of the qualities that you are talking about in this post.

Jazi Zilber said...

Thanks Warren. I will have a look.

Generally such a system will need a critical mass to work. Network effects