Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando shooting and polarisation. Exposed

In Orlando shooting, we got the perfect example of polarisation and blindness.

Most events are unbalanced. They are easier to use by one party.

So mass shooting makes Democrats yell at the republicans: You nuts! why do you object to gun control. And Republicans generally try somehow to answer.

Islamic terrorism makes Republicans yell: Why do you refuse saying "Islamic terrorism"? and Democrats try to answer.

So events make one party feeling right. and the other trying to escape somehow.

Orlando has both features. So it helped us see how stupid polarisation is.

Both camps are happily fingering the other camp:

Reps: you Dems can't even dare say "Islamic Terrorism"
Dems: It is all yours Reps gun freedom laws.

Would be funny if it was not so sad. But it is a perfect demonstration

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