Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pessimism helped me a lot

Forced me to act.
My mind was: this is never gonna be done. So pessimism made me do not now. And in every which way, even if imperfect.

Pessimism made me happier, and more sanguine. Things are expected to fail, so I'm not necessarily an edject failure, not a moron. Life just yends to suck.

I just spoke to a friend whose life is screwed up about as much as 25% of humanity. But he is "optimistic" beleives he could have been more successful and still can. Hence totally downtrotten 

PS. optimiusm has many advantages etc. 
Mental health is better with optimism. But probably not with too much optimism.
The other problem with optimism, especially when excessive is lose of realism....

Anyway, I.made some.points. which are not everything, of course.....

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Anonymous said...

Pesimists have many nice surprises. Optimists are prown to many disappointments.