Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Empathy without attack vs. when someone is attacked due to empathy

Regarding alleged victims of sexual assault and the kind of proof needed. 

We ought to emphasize with an alleged victim even without strong proof or even any proof.

Emma (Sulkowitz) and radfem (Radical Feminists
) however, debase this very idea. Because they pursue and persecute the alleged attacker *without proof*. When they persecute people socially they gotta have proof.

Example: if I come to you personally and bitch on this girl that dated me, this is a personal affair. You will probably believe whatever I said and should not actually care about reality. This is life. People get offended, want empathy, and everyone for his own perspective.

IF however, I am going to her friends, to her family, to her next boyfriend and complain, then all empathy and trust are off the table. Now it is a clear cut case what actually happened. Judged by social norms and proof criteria. 

Complaint folks must decide: Do they want personal empathy without proof and *without accusing or persecuting others* then whatever their subjective dream is its ok.

If they want to fight people, yes. Then they need court admissible proof and to bear the consequences if they lie

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