Friday, July 13, 2012

Is there a paradox of choice?

there are voices that we have too much choice. which is sometimes true. But I doubt if it is indeed so.

The famous claim that maximizers are less happy than saisfiers, is simply untrue. New and replicated research has shown that maximizing per se is not bad at all. What happened is that the "maximizing scale" includes Neuroticism Regret too much thinking etc. troublesome traits. when you test maximizing it is even good at times.

Is it agency problem? namely sellers trying to push useless stuff calling it "choice"?
Now, I went to book a low cost flight. Beleive me, the multiple annoying "do you want too....." put me off so much that I left without booking. I was so annoyed that I was even unable to remember whether I indeed have not booked....

So agents trying to push useless variety and "options" put us in a defensive position. we feel distrustful (unpleasant etc.) and confused. because we handle cheating. Gentle and "legal" cheating of course.

Which has nothing to do with "too much choice" it is about too much pollution

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