Monday, December 26, 2011

Not worth doing

Worth but not worth doing There are many things that are really worth doing. But they are not worth doing. When doing refers to the action of doing, rather than having them done without the effort. It is better to be on time. But it may not be worth doing. If doing entails obsessing for two hours to make sure you come on time (+ the later pain and discomfort when not arriving on time) it is not worth even to have it on your list.  So it is usually really best to be on time, but when accounting for the cost of doing it, it is not worth it. (and accounting to later pain when late, not even worth having it on your list...) Small improvements usually are the same. Lofe can be wastly better if we introduce nedless small improvements. I mean it. Because a million small improvements accumulate to even a completely different life. But usually the small things a not worth the effort and place in mind of *doing* them. Here comes the knowledge part. When people do not do something, they usually make themselves beleiving it is worthless. Just to be able not to do it (there is a natural bias that if something has value we must do it, so it is easier to avoid something by having a full belif it is useless.). The second reason is to feel comfrotable about not doing it. We fool ourselves that it is totally worthless in order to feel good. A wish person undstands that if its not worth doing it is not worth to do @even@ if it has some value. No pain. Because it makes no sense to do.  And.... No stupidity. You still acknowledge its value. Sometimes, the knowledge of this small value is useful. 

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