Wednesday, October 5, 2011

stupid openmindedness

being open minded is many times bad. very bad.
open mindedness is useful only when the outcome of opening ones mind is better than the closed minded alternative. 

So opening your mind when stupid people are around, or those who do not understand your issues etc. is stupid. 

I am now walking on the street and a couples of advertising teenagers stop me to give me a leaflet of a boxing match. This is distracting and useless.
Openmindedness suggest that I will think again "maybe I hsould take the leaflet?"
This is stupid openmindedness.

stupid open mindedness is very common when we have an emotional want to something. trying again with the ex? do nto be closed minded, give it a chance.
some newspaper is on the desk, you know it is poisenous for the brain and the psyche (only troubles there), yet you are enfatuated to read it. so you become openminded "maybe there is still something useful" + " do nto be so sure on your opinion, some people find newspapers sueful" etc.

The same idea holds when people that have a vested interest tell you to be openminded and listen to them. I have a rule "never listen to self improvement advice from someone currently arguing with you / complaining. Note that the very giving of advice in this case is highly inelegant. Again, stupid openmindedness makes you listen, and again you r self interest.


Anonymous said...

So in the end, be an openminded person is not to be a STUPID OPENMINDEDNESS.

Kwabena said...

This is brilliant. I really like it, I try to practice 'close-mindedness' on facebook and somehow manage to come across as a jerk. I'm wondering whether my sanity is what translates to onlookers as 'jerkism'.
Ah well, definitely food for thought. Be peaceful and keep sending feelers out... the resistance is out here.