Friday, December 25, 2009

Why logic is useless

I started living with a roomate. Naturally, she has her bunch of stories, reflections, etc.

Naturally (....) I am having y analysis, advice and words of wisdom.

I realized that many times, while logically, philosophically, and intellectually brilliant, I am entirely useless and out of hte point. Thanks god I am holding my tounge at times.

We can frame the world people, experiences, etc. in endless ways. Every way does have some merit. But what coutns is relevance in context (is your comment going to provide your freind with fun and future useful understanding, or it is a useless pain in the ass?).

Logic is not handling context at all. It just follows the given question.

The main issue in real life is what is the right question, and with which glasses to look at things and issues. Logic is useless in this. (aside from that it is very easy to fall prey to it. Because it is flawless)


Anonymous said...

I thing logic is fine, the problem is not logic the problem is psychological, we know what we have to do, what we need, what we want, but many times we think with the wrong brain emisphere, we usually do not like to think and that is psychological problem, your advice to her is fine and is logical but she probably doesn't like introspect not even for a minute in those matters.

Yechezkel Zilber said...

This is the point. Given the fact that she does not like to introspect, my advice was useless.

It is not always good to introspect, by the way. But the intuition is that some thinking is useful for many, and is also fun.

Anonymous said...

So what a human mind we have Mr.zilber, that mind can make us sad and that mind can make us happy. Greetings from Mèxico.