Saturday, November 28, 2009

Multiple causes and routes for change

The linear way of looking at life holds that there a list of causes, and a "situation" with which one got to cope/handle. You have what there is, and from there with the known causes you play what you can to change the situation.

But it does not work that way.

There are various interconnected dynamics in life. Each one affecting the others. In principle one can change hte system from various direcitons.

You can effect enormous change in the system by playing some obscure parameter. If you change something enough and use it as a level to reap its rewards you may be able to change everything without fighting the main obstacles.

And I have not started talking on creatiung new combinations of changes etc., which is quite interesting etc.

The idea is that with the endless effects and dynamics one can approahc life from various angles, and indeed with enough strenght and sophistication very many tricks may work. There is no one "situation + casuse" with which one got to work. There maybe endless tricks



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