Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Looking clearly at our mistakes

I am finding myself doing many mistakes.

The more painful part is that I am catching myself almost online. A second after acting, up pops up the exact ensemble of gestures and actions that would have been much better.

It poses a dillema. Avoid these thoughts? Look at them? be happy or sad about that?

happiness or sadness about these, are partly out of our control. I have doubvts about "making oneself happy" intentionally. But I have no clear idea about that.

Yet looking at our mitakes can indeed teach us a lot. Doing a mistake and knowing the right way of action has good odds for a voiding the mistake another time.

There are a few caveats, however.
First, sometimes what we deem "the right way" is not realistic. knowing hte right way that it out of our realistic practical ability is of no use.
Second, simce we are bound to make mistkaes, much of what we need to learn is about how to handle life with our given behaviors. Not merely knowing hte optimal way of acting.
There is a lot of practical wisdom in learnig to handle our life given our weaknesses and stupidity.

Still I feel that knowing our mistakes has great value (and if one feels it inherently, he may enjoy much the process of thinking about the bettere ways to act upon every mistake he does). Let's hope I am not mistaken.

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Anonymous said...

First we have to have humility, the problem is that many people (I think most of them)are or we are arrogants and selfish and we do not want to lose or commit a mistake and another problem is that we do believe that we are better than the average of population.What you have said it is true and i have lived that, but remember you have to have stamina and you have to have patience not only with your mistakes your boss aswell or yourself.