Monday, June 1, 2009

Management of life with many goals, and why sceintists may get it wrong

Life is complex with multiple goals.

Most humans handle simultenously, money, relationships, friends, physical state (food, sleep, exercise), and other goals.

Much of the problems of life management, are related to the overload of various goals.
Some would find it possible to be quite rational if they got only one goal in life. But there are many, and juggling all balls at once is much of the problem.

Science may contribute to this misunderstanding. By accident, actually.

Much of research is done by isolating a single problem and either finding extreme cases, or creating extreme situations experimentally.

Now as I explained, the inference from extreme case to the regular is not always reliable.
But in the general management of life it is much worse. If much of the problem is how to juggle all balls at once, how can we even start talking about isolated things?
We can learn about the mechanisms, we can learn tricks. But we much admit That much of the management problems is in the whole rather than the parts.

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Anonymous said...

i have been thinking in this days before, and actually i am considering take the life easier than before, why to complicate things? After all there is only one truth. Every thing is about belief, if i follow the bible i am on the way to heaven, if i want to follow physics and phylosophy i am on the way to understand the world, may i handle the 2? yes and my life is less complicated.....From Mexico.