Thursday, August 14, 2008

On Balance - Importance of an encompassing opinion

Understanding things on balane. Not just narrow opinions!

It is relatively easy to say a highly confined statement (it is cheaper to drive this way).Harder when more considerations come into play (include cost of driving. time. emotional effects. etc.)

Because it is hard to have clear cut evidence about the "on balance" issues, it is easy to build contradicting opinions + finding evidence upon request to satisfy whatever needs/interests you have.

The opinion that is general_all_summed_in is what counts in real life.Alas, it is harder. Hard to feel sure about. Complex.

Reality is that. Reality never apologizes and leaves no prisoners. Admit it, or escape into the territory of delusion. It dreams much better out there......

See my piece above on "the academic bias", regarding how being technically right absolutely can drive your attention to narrow/irelevant places.

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