Thursday, March 25, 2010

Local thinking vs. heavy

When you encounter a situation, an idea, a fact, an experience.
You try naturally to understand it. To get the point, or to learn some correction to previously held beliefs.

There may arise the want to verify the belief in a system wide way. If I learned something that reduced the value of money for example, or of prudence etc. I may try to adjust my general beliefs and find out the correct wieght to put upon whatever it is.

This way of thinking is quite heavy and tiresome. It implies that every lesson we learn wil go back to be connected to all our related beleifs and we will consider everything related again.

An entirely different strategy is to Get the lesson in a local way. A local lesson is a local one. Ultimately we build a whole set of beleifs and relationships. This ultimate conclusion is a result of all our local belifs, experiences etc.

The way the brain works is that a local experience and lesson is magnified locally, but our later overal opinions will be a result of multiple local lessons.

Given that, it may even be better to learn each experience in the very local way. This way you can generally invest much more energy and attention towards the local experience. The cummulative aggregated knowledge may be even better this way, and thinking easier.

PS. Note that over generalization, takes your mind out of the current situation, and assumptions theory etc. take a bigger role. Additionally, thinking in a generalized manner seems to require more mental effort, which can be quite tiring, and even decrease the joy of thinking altogether.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

soon and multiply

Just fell upon an economic principle

value creating acitons should be done sooner rather than later.

Another obvious idea is to multiply. If something is good do as much of it as possible (i.e. If you fell upon a great mood for reading and the reading goes perfectly, ignore any other activity appointment etc. Enjoy the momentum to its maximum)

These two principles are much neglected. We are taught about balance, and not to eat like a pig, etc. All of which is utterly nonsense. If something 9is really good eat like a pig in the size of an elephant. And soon.

You never lose from being richer. In any aspect.

Monday, March 1, 2010

love the pain of what you do not have

Being a oprhan with parents, I remember the pain of hanging out with freinds who had intact homes. I walk in, a nice house, organized, a little bit too organized to my taste. and I am getting all anxious. The pain of why I do not have it was unbearable.

Result. One forget what good and nice is. It is different from sour grapes. Because here one does not think his situation is good. He simply cannot bear the pain of seeing the goods he does not have.

Result. One get even more distant from what he addmited is good.

Choosing my company has suffered from a similar problem. I met today a person I consider a real person. a strong person. a person that aside from being strong and sounding smart, knows how to experinece life.

While talking, I spoke theoretically about one of my weakness without eluding to myself. She offered that this level of stupidity ois not worth talking about.

It was so painful to hear. I almost thought that I am not smart talking to her.
It took some hours to realize that I want to be around people whose ideas and perceptions are great and balanced, even if there is pain of experiencing my misdeeds.

I want to be influenced by the smart and happy. EVEN if it reminds me on my sufferings and stupidity. You want to be affected from the best.

PS. It involves pain. But this is yet another expertise to bear pain without getting lost, or escaping at any price.