Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Books that had a personal influence on me

The 20/80 principle
by Richard Koch.

I guess this book has changed my life. Even if you do not find new things reqading a few pages, do not give up. There are various diamonds. easy to read and very deep on some points. You can ignore the business part (part 2 of the book). Give special attention to chapter 9. much about having a 20/80 perception of life etc. Chapter 15 about 20/80 and happiness strock me at the time. After several years of studying happiness, I have not got back to re-read it and have a fresh opinion. But I am sure it is worthwhile reading.

Fooled by randomness
by Nassim Taleb

Great. Must read.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mathematics, logics, and "correct thinking"

A known sceintist told me that "mathematics teaches you to think straight".
Probably assuming that thinking logically correct thoughts is what one needs in life.

Focus on the logical ignores at least the following very important parts of reality:

1) things that cannot be quantified, cannot be abstracted. can you put love into logic? can you define the specific ffeeling you got today near the tree?

2) the unknown. There is so much we do not know. we should be aware of it. look for it. manage life while knowing that there is a lot unknown.

PS. I did not wrote a few weeks. I hope to resume writing soon. I apologize toward those looking here continiousely.
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